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Risk assessments of applications and processes

Is risk ownership aligned to the board of directors?

Providing risk management with a dedicated home at board level allows for the clearer oversight and accountability of management and processes. In turn, this ensures sound governance practices and a focus on transforming risk management into a centre of excellence. The board of directors is where the risk “buck stops”. After all, this is the […]

Application Attack Surface

When assessing application risk, many organisations focus on the obvious: the software that they already know. They then proceed to overlook the full inventory of applications and code when reviewing digital assets. These ‘known’ applications typically have a high brand value or financial value, carry compliance requirements, or have been linked to previous breaches. The […]

What is DevSecOps?

What is DevSecOps? The term “DevSecOps” places information security into the original operating model of “DevOps”. DevOps itself refers to the collaborative operating team of software developers and IT operations staff. DevOps is common practice the world over. The trouble, though, is that it was built for agility, speed and reliability – not security. And […]